Dhaka North City Corporation Job Circular 2019

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Dhaka became the capital of Bangladesh with the independence in the year 1971. City area was divided into 50 wards and election of Ward Commissioners was held in 1977 with the introduction of “Pourashava Ordinance, 1977”. Ward Commissioners elected one of their members as the Chairman of the Municipality. In 1978, Dhaka Municipality was awarded the status of Corporation and the existing Chairman became the Mayor of the Corporation. Municipal corporation was superseded by the promulgation of Martial law in March, 1982. Two adjacent municipalities, namely Mirpur and Gulshan Municipalities were merged with Dhaka Municipality in the same year. As a result the number of wards increased to 56.



The corporation was statute with the introduction of Dhaka Municipal Corporation Ordinance, 1983, repealing the application of Pourashava Ordinance, 1977. Later, number of wards was increased to 75 and Administrators/Mayors were appointed by the Govt. till 1994. In 1990, Dhaka Municipal Corporation was renamed as Dhaka City Corporation and was divided in to 10 zones.TDhaka North City Corporation job circular 2019 has been converted to an image file,so that everyone can read easily and download this office of the Dhaka North City Corporation. If you want to apply for this job,you should submit your application within 30 September 2019. Dhaka North City Corporation job circular 2019 has been given below.

Number of vacancies: 93

Grade: Daily Payment- Taka

Closing Date: 30 September 2019


Dhaka North City Corporation Job Circular 2019



Source: Daily Janakantha, 18 September 2019

Application Deadline: 30 September 2019 

In 1993, the Government with a view to democratize the city corporation, made drastic amendment in Ordinance, 1983 and repealing the application of pourashava that the Mayor and the Commissioners will be elected by direct election on the basis of adult franchise. The City area is divided into 90 wards to represent one Commissioner, elected directly, form each ward. There are 18 reserved seats exclusively for women Commissioners who are elected by the Mayor and the Commissioners. The election of the Corporation was held in January, 1994 and Mr. Mohammad Hanif became the first elected Mayor. In April 2002, Mr. Sadeque Hossain Khoka was elected Mayor of Dhaka City Corporation.


The Local Govt. (City Corporation) Act 2009, (Amendment-2011), Dhaka City Corporation has divided as Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC).


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