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The Directorate of Food has sought the assistance of the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) for the recruitment of 1000 vacant posts. The agency has sought this support as the food department does not have the capacity to select candidates through a recruitment test. The sources said the information.

Sources in the Ministry of Education said that on September 22, the Director-General of the Food Department made a written request to the Senior Secretary of the Secondary and Higher Education Department seeking assistance from the NTRCA. Najmanat Nazmanara Khanum.

Asked about the matter, Director General of NTRCA SM Ashfaq Hussein said, “I have received a letter from the Food Department. We will decide on Thursday (October 5th) whether we can take the test.

According to the letter of the food department, the food department has earned Tk 1 crore 5 lakh 5 thousand 5 posts for the appointment of one thousand 5 vacancies. According to the sources, the service charge of Tk 42 was taken in 25 posts in 25 categories including food superintendent and service charge of Rs.


The company got into trouble after submitting 1 lakh 5 thousand 523 applications in the exam. Because the Department does not have the power to test millions of candidates. In this situation, the organization applied for the Ministry of Education and sought NTRCA assistance.

Royalty will be paid 20 percent. The minimum cost will be about Tk 1 crore. But the NTRCA is planning to take the test on Friday and Saturday. In this situation, they will have to take the test on Friday and Saturday, with additional costs. It will cost about Tk 1 crore to the Food Department. Although there is a budget of more than Rs 1 crore for this test. In addition, the Food Department has received about Tk 5 crore from the application. Source: Bangla Tribune

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